We want to summon  black cats, vampire bats and owls.
Blood Moon Podcast is seeking to bring to life strange or paranormal stories. We narrate the story and apply a soundtrack to enhance listener experience. If you have a true experience or fictional tale you want to share, please make your submission in the form field below. 
• Please try to keep your story to one to three pages.
• Please indicate if the story is a true experience or a fictional tale.
• Please indicate how you want to be credited in the Name field. Example: John from Maine, Jane Smith, John & Jane, etc.
We will only edit the story for grammar.
Disclaimer: Inclusion of a story is based on the submission guidelines and is up to the discretion of Blood Moon Podcast. You will receive credit on the show and in the episode notes under the name you submit. Blood Moon will contact you via email once your story has been reviewed.
Thank you for becoming a Blood Mooner.
Thank you for submitting your story to Blood Moon Podcast. We'll review your story and respond to you as soon as possible.
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